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Optical Metrology

Accurate, repeatable, and reliable non-contact thickness measurement

When you need to measure the thickness of multiple layers without damaging the material under test, Bristol Instruments optical thickness gauge products provide the most precise and reliable measurement available.

Our proven technology uses the unique properties of light, making it ideal for the research and production of materials such as:

Optical Components and Lens Assemblies
OLED, AMOLED, and LCD Displays
Contact and Intraocular Lenses
Medical Balloon Catheters
Medical Tubing


For the most demanding applications

The evolution of items such as optical components, electronic displays, medical devices, glass tubing, and ophthalmic products has driven the need for more precise manufacturing processes.

Increasingly tight tolerances for critical dimensions, such as material thickness, must be maintained, making it important to have a reliable method of measurement.

Bristol Instruments offers thickness gauges that are specifically designed to address these advanced manufacturing requirements.

Thickness Measurement Products

Bristol Instruments provides a family of optical thickness gauge products for researchers and manufacturing engineers who need to know the exact thickness of their material.

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