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772 Series Laser Spectrum Analyzer

Spectral analysis of pulsed IR and mid-IR lasers

772 Pulsed Spectrum Analzyer

772 Pulsed Laser Spectrum Analzyer

The 772B-MIR Laser Spectrum Analyzer from Bristol Instruments combines proven Michelson interferometer technology with fast Fourier transform analysis to characterize the spectral properties of lasers that operate from 1 to 12 μm. What makes this system so unique is that it employs a sophisticated algorithm to enable the measurement of pulsed lasers that have a repetition rate as low as 100 Hz.

The model 772B-MIR collects laser pulses over time to “build” an interferogram that is sufficient to convert to a spectrum. This spectrum has a resolution of 4 GHz and wavelength accuracy of ± 10 parts per million (± 0.08 nm at 8 μm). An optical rejection ratio of greater than 20 dB is achieved assuming a sufficient number of pulses (~30,000) are used to generate the interferogram.

Spectra of QCL operating with a pulse length of 50 ns and at various repetition rates.

10 kHz Pulse Rate

1 kHz Pulse Rate

100 Hz Pulse Rate

  • Spectral analysis of pulsed and CW lasers
  • Operation from 1 to 12 μm
  • Spectral resolution of 4 GHz
  • Wavelength accuracy as high as ± 0.01 nm
  • Includes 5 year warranty