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Glass Slimming and Polishing

Glass Slimming and Polishing processes frequently demand stringent thickness tolerances. Bristol’s non-contact optical thickness gauges quickly measure these substrates with sub-micron accuracy and can be easily integrated into production workflows. A single instrument can support multiple test stations to provide rapid thickness measurements across large sheets and wafers.

  • Non-contact technique will not scratch or deform the thinnest glass
  • Easily integrates into your manufacturing and quality control processes
  • Measures substrates as thin as 12 µm with high accuracy (± 0.1 µm) and excellent repeatability (0.02 µm)
  • Up to 8 test stations in a single instrument supports multiple measurements over a large area
Screenshot of Glass Slimming from Jimmys video

Production line example of a thickness measurement system utilizing 3 test stations.

Straightforward Operation

This video demonstrates how quickly and easily lens doublets can be
measured to determine if they are within a specified tolerance.

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