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VR/AR Headsets

VR/AR headsets are rapidly progressing from a gaming novelty to an integrated entertainment platform and acceptance in industry as an interface for inventory control, design, and manufacturing processes. Whether the VR/AR systems utilize Fresnel technology, waveguides or more traditional displays, thickness characterization is critical during their manufacture and quality assurance steps. Bristol Instruments non-contact optical thickness gauges offer high accuracy thickness measurement with excellent repeatability to meet your most stringent manufacturing specifications.

  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple component layers, including Liquid Optically Clear Adhesives
  • Non-contact optical technique means no damage or deformation during the measurement process
  • Real-time results for fast testing throughput, with high accuracy (± 0.1 µm) and excellent repeatability (± 0.02 µm)
  • Included Opti-Cal ™ software offers a QC Mode which provides easy to understand PASS/FAIL measurements based on your design criteria
VR Waveguide Lens Screenshot - with out of tolerance layer

Figure 1: Opti-Cal ™ software screenshot that shows measurement results for a typical waveguide assembly used in VR Displays. The software is in QC Mode, and shows five layers in spec with green highlights, and a single layer out of spec by 5.19 microns that is highlighted in red.

Are you looking for fast, accurate measurement of your VR display layers?

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