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Bristol Instruments offers a variety of accessories to add capability and convenience to its wavelength meters and spectrum analyzers.

Multi-Laser PID Controller
  • Stabilizes the frequency of up to 8 lasers
  • Combines with a Fiber-Optic Switch and Laser Wavelength Meter
    to provide a complete Laser Frequency Stabilization System
Fiber Optic Switch
  • Connects up to 8 lasers to a single instrument
  • Supports lasers that operate from 400 nm to 2.6 μm
Fiber-Optic Input Couplers and Adapters
  • Launches a free-space laser beam into an optical fiber
  • Converts IR and MIR instruments to fiber-optic input
Fiber optic cable on white background
Fiber-Optic and Photonic Crystal Patch Cords
  • FC/PC and FC/APC (including hybrid) connection types
  • Single mode, multimode, or endlessly single mode performance


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