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Optical Components and Assemblies

Optical lens assemblies are getting smaller and more sophisticated with ever-shrinking air space dimensions. With applications from mobile devices cameras, lenses for autonomous driving and security cameras, Bristol Instruments offers in-line accurate, non-contact thickness measurement.

Technical illustration of modern dual-camera system for smartphone. Internal circuit of device on light background. Sensor concept. 3D Rendering
  • Simultaneous measurement of optical singlets, doublets, triplets and assemblies with sub-micron accuracy
  • Non-contact technique means no damage or deformation
  • Real time results for fast testing throughput
  • QC Mode in Opti-Cal software ensures mistake free measurements for engineering, QC and production personnel

Measurement results shown in table below are of a typical optical lens assembly, displayed in Bristol's Opti-Cal software. Green boxes show the doublets are within spec, and the air gap (red box) is slightly out of spec.


Are you looking for fast, accurate measurement of your optical components and assemblies?

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