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Thickness Measurement

Non-contact measurement for today’s most demanding applications

Know the exact thickness of your material

Precise thickness information is critical in the development and production of a variety of transparent and semi-transparent materials. To address this need, we offer a family of instruments that conveniently measure thickness with reliable accuracy and exceptional long-term repeatability. These thickness gauges employ a unique non-contact optical technique resulting in the ability to measure both hard and soft materials without damage or deformation, enabling the measurement of up to 31 multiple layers simultaneously.



Our thickness gauges are used in production and quality control applications for optical components, medical devices, ophthalmic products, electronic displays, cell phone camera assemblies, and more.


System Overview

We offer a range of thickness gauges to satisfy the most stringent measurement requirements. Systems are available to analyze transparent and semi-transparent materials as thin as 2 μm and as thick as 80 mm.



Bristol's proven optical interferometer-based technology, which uses the unique properties of light, provides the most reliable accuracy and exceptional repeatability, giving you confidence in your measurement results. 

Ready to schedule a virtual demonstration?

Send us your sample part in advance and we can provide a live demonstration of our measurement capabilities.