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Thickness Gauges

Non-contact thickness measurement using light

The Thickness Gauge products from Bristol Instruments use the unique properties of light to precisely measure the thickness of transparent, semi-transparent, and some opaque materials. This non-contact technique can be used with hard and soft materials without damage or deformation. Up to 31 individual layers, as well as total thickness, can be measured simultaneously.

Systems are available to analyze materials as thick as 80 mm and as thin as 12 μm, making it the instrument of choice for applications such as optical components and lens assemblies, ophthalmic products, medical tubing, balloon catheters, multi-layer displays, semiconductors and glass.

Guaranteed accuracy with continuous calibration

Two versions of the Optical Thickness Gauge are available.

The model 157 is the most precise, measuring thickness to an accuracy of ± 0.1 μm and a repeatability of ± 0.02 μm. For less exacting applications, the model 137 is a lower-priced alternative with an accuracy of ± 1 μm and a repeatability of ± 0.05 μm.

To achieve this performance over long periods of time, every measurement is compared to a built-in intrinsic standard of length. For even greater confidence, every Thickness Gauge is rigorously tested and certified with standards that are traceable to NIST.

Ideal for production and quality assurance applications

Operation of the Thickness Gauge products from Bristol Instruments is straightforward. These systems operate with a PC connected directly by USB or through a local area network via Ethernet. Software is provided to facilitate alignment of the optical probe, control measurement parameters, and report measurement data in a variety of formats. The system also includes a library of SCPI commands and Windows DLLs.

The Thickness Gauge calculates measurement data using an on-board digital signal processor. Therefore, it is convenient to integrate the system into virtually any manufacturing process using an included library of commands for custom programming.

Manufacturers can also benefit from a fully integrated optical switch. This optional capability enables the use of up to eight optical probes. This is very cost-effective when testing different points of a single material or when testing materials at multiple locations.

The rugged design of the Thickness Gauge products provides long-term reliable operation, backed by a three-year warranty on all parts and labor. This results in less downtime and lower cost of ownership.

  • Measures hard and soft materials without damage of deformation
  • Up to 31 layers can be measured simultaneously
  • Accuracy as high as ± 0.1 μm
  • Exceptional long-term repeatability up to
    ± 0.02 μm
  • Continuous calibration with a built-in intrinsic standard of length
  • Measurement confidence level of ≥ 99.7%
  • Traceable to NIST standards
  • Broad measurement range of 12 μm to 80 mm
  • Visible tracer beam to pinpoint measurement location
  • Straightforward operation with PC using USB or Ethernet
  • Software provided to control measurement parameters and report data
  • Includes command libraries for custom programming
  • Optical switch allows for as many as eight test stations with a single instrument
  • Rugged design for manufacturing environments
  • 3-year warranty covers all parts and labor

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