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About Us

A world leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation

Bristol’s founding – a brief history

Bristol Instruments - located just outside of Rochester, NY - was created in 2005 by three technical and marketing leaders from the photonics industry. They are veterans of the former Burleigh Instruments, a scientific instrumentation company founded in the early 1970s. Burleigh served a variety of markets, including scientific research and telecommunications, until the early 2000s.

Bristol Instruments still honors the legacy of Burleigh Instruments, and has since expanded its capabilities to better serve customers from the scientific research, telecommunications, and optical metrology communities.

Green laser on optical table in a quantum optics laboratory

Bristol Instruments today

With unrivaled experience in the design, manufacture, and marketing of precision test instrumentation, Bristol Instruments serves a wide array of customers around the world. We currently work with customers across the scientific research, telecommunications, and optical metrology markets.

Our scientific customers consist of researchers at universities, government laboratories, and industry who are involved in fields such as chemistry, physics, and optics. Our telecommunications clients consist of R&D and manufacturing engineers who need to accurately test optical transceivers and WDM transmission systems. Our optical metrology customers consist of manufacturers that need to precisely measure critical physical dimensions of materials such as optics, electronic displays, medical tubing, and ophthalmic products.