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872 Series Laser Wavelength Meter

High resolution wavelength measurement for precise laser stabilization

Frequency Resolution Up To 200 kHz

The 872 Series Laser Wavelength Meter builds upon our unique Fizeau etalon technology to provide exceptional frequency resolution. By minimizing measurement drift over time, the 872 system can detect very small wavelength deviations making it ideal for the frequency stabilization of lasers.


Two versions of the 872 Laser Wavelength Meter are available. The model 872A-VIS operates over the range of 375 to 1100 nm, and the model 872A-NIR works from 630 to 1700 nm. Both instruments provide measurement resolution better than 0.001 part per million (300 kHz at 1000 nm) and wavelength accuracy of ± 0.2 parts per million (± 60 MHz at 1000 nm).

Automatic calibration with a built-in wavelength standard guarantees this performance and ensures the most meaningful experimental results.

Precise laser stabilization

To benefit applications that require the frequency stabilization of lasers, the 872 Laser Wavelength Meter measures wavelength at a sustained measurement rate of 1 kHz. In addition, a built-in PID controller compares the current wavelength measurement to a user defined set point to generate a corrective analog output voltage that can be used to stabilize a laser’s wavelength.

  • Measurement resolution as fine as 200 kHz
  • Wavelength accuracy up to ± 0.0001 nm
  • Automatic calibration with a built-in wavelength standard
  • Built-in PID controller for precise laser stabilization
  • Operation available from 375 to 1700 nm
  • Sustained measurement rate of 1 kHz
  • Convenient pre-aligned fiber-optic input
  • Optional Fiber-Optic Switch accessory enables the characterization of up to 8 lasers with a single instrument
  • 5-year warranty covers all parts and labor

Choose from a selection of convenient accessories for operation with optical fiber.

Connect up to eight lasers to the model 872 with our fiber-optic switches.