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Thickness Measurement
System Overview

The Bristol Instruments Optical Thickness Gauge system uses proven optical interferometer-based technology to measure the thickness of a variety of materials. Light from a superluminescent LED is sent to a material under test through an optical probe that is mounted in and aligned by a mechanical fixture.

Reflections from every surface and material interface are collected and returned to the Optical Thickness Gauge for analysis. Thickness is calculated using an internal DSP and then displayed on a PC using Opti-Cal™, a Windows-based display program. Or data can be transferred directly to special application software using the standard USB or Ethernet interfaces.

Learn more about the different thickness gauge models and their performance.

Configured for the parts you are measuring. Our optical probes can accept a
broad range of part sizes and material thicknesses.

Measurement Cell and Fixturing options are available to hold your part
under test and to align the optical probe.

The Thickness Gauge system includes our Opti-Cal Windows-based software
to control measurement parameters and report thickness measurement results.

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