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Opti-Cal Software and
Remote Communication

Bristol's Optical Thickness Gauges are controlled using Opti-Cal™ software – a powerful tool that allows you to see measurement results in real- time.

Opti-Cal™ is a Windows®-based program that allows you to see the interferometer signal, control measurement parameters, and report thickness data. For systems equipped with a camera probe, a sample alignment window provides a helpful tool for easy alignment.

The Opti-Cal™ screenshot below shows the thickness measurement results for a simple lens assembly that contains two glass elements. The Opti-Cal™ software displays the identified reflection peaks at each lens surface, and also shows below: the results table, and camera window showing proper alignment.


Using a custom interface program?

Bristol Optical Thickness Gauges also include a library of supported SCPI Commands that can be called upon in custom software applications such as LabVIEW and MATLAB.