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Non-Contact Thickness Measurement
for Medical Applications

Precise, multi-layer measurement ideal to measure medical tubing, balloon catheters and more.

Confidence you can measure.

The development of advanced medical devices has driven the need for ever more precise manufacturing processes. Increasingly tight tolerances for critical dimensions, such as material thickness must be maintained, requiring a reliable method of non-destructive testing.

Bristol Instruments offers a family of thickness gauges to meet these advanced manufacturing requirements with reliable accuracy and exceptional repeatability. Simultaneously measure total thickness and up to 31 individual layers of transparent/semi-transparent materials.

Bristol's Optical Thickness Gauges Feature:
  • High accuracy measurement performance: ± 0.1 µm with a
    repeatability of ± 0.02 µm.
  • Real-time results ideal for in-line testing.
  • Included Opti-Cal ™ software offers a QC Mode which
    provides easy to understand PASS/FAIL measurements
    based on your design criteria.
  • Simultaneous, real-time measurement of wall thickness,
    ID and OD.

Bristol's technology utilizes optical interferometry to accurately measure the thickness of transparent and semi-transparent materials. Our unique interferometer design incorporates an internal “optical ruler” that precisely measures the difference in length traveled by light to determine total thickness and thickness of individual layers.

Learn More About Our Technology

View this short video to see how our thickness gauges can be used for a variety of medical applications.
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