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LCD, LED, OLED and AMOLED Displays

Display device technology and performance is advancing at a remarkable pace. The design and manufacture of Liquid Crystal and Light Emitting Diode Displays that include touch screen layers is very demanding. These display components and assemblies can be characterized with Bristol Instruments non-contact thickness gauges to sub-micron accuracy.

  • Provides simultaneous layer measurement of glass, LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive), touch panel and light producing display assemblies
  • Non-contact optical technique means no damage or deformation during the measurement process
  • Real-time results for fast testing throughput with high accuracy (± 0.1 µm) and excellent repeatability (± 0.02 µm).
  • Included Opti-Cal ™ software offers a QC Mode which provides easy to understand PASS/FAIL measurements based on your design criteria

Are you looking for fast, accurate measurement of your LCD, LED and OLED or AMOLED display?

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