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Scientific Research

Wavelength meters and spectrum analyzers
for today's most demanding applications

Whether you work in a university, government laboratory, or industry, Bristol Instruments provides products that accurately and reliably characterize a laser’s wavelength and spectral properties.

These products support researchers involved in a variety of scientific applications including:

High-Resolution Laser Spectroscopy
Mid-IR Laser Spectroscopy
Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy
Cold Atom Physics
Chemical and Environmental Sensing
Laser Development and Characterization
Optical Remote Sensing


The most complete laser wavelength and spectral analysis from the visible
to the mid-IR

A world leader in optical interferometry, Bristol's products are the preferred choice for advanced scientific applications at universities and government laboratories around the world.

Scientific Products

Bristol Instruments flagship capability includes a family of wavelength meters that provide accurate information for scientists and engineers who need to know the exact wavelength of their laser.


In addition, unique laser spectrum analyzers are offered that operate as both a high-resolution spectrum analyzer and a high-accuracy wavelength meter. These systems measure laser wavelength and spectral parameters such as linewidth and longitudinal mode structure.

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