Thickness Gauges

Thickness information is critical in the development and production of materials such as specialty plastic films, medical tubing and ophthalmic products. The best way to measure thickness is with an optical thickness gauge from Bristol Instruments. These systems provide the accuracy and reliability required for the most demanding applications. What's more, the measurement technique takes advantage of the unique properties of light resulting in non-contact, and therefore, non-destructive testing. 

  • Accuracy of ± 0.1 μm (± 0.004 mils)
  • Repeatability of ± 0.02 μm (± 0.0008 mils)
  • More affordable alternative 
  • Accuracy of ± 1 μm (± 0.04 mils)
  • Repeatability of ± 0.05 μm (± 0.002 mils)