WDM Wavelength Testing

Optical wavelength meters to test your WDM signals with the confidence that results from reliable accuracy.

  • WDM Laser, DFB Laser, and VCSEL Testing
  • WDM Component Testing
  • WDM Transmission System Testing
  • Optical Test Equipment Calibration
  • and more...

The demand for access to larger volumes of digital information continues to force telecommunications operators to increase the capacity of their transmission systems. The bandwidth of these systems is increased by employing wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology. This technique couples multiple optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber by using different laser wavelengths. This requires stringent performance criteria be met to ensure quality, uninterrupted communications. In particular, the ability to accurately measure optical wavelength is necessary to characterize and optimize WDM components such as transmission lasers, and the optical signals from WDM transmission systems.

Bristol Instruments offers a family of optical wavelength meters specifically designed for WDM testing applications. These instruments are ideal for the precise wavelength characterization of tunable WDM lasers, DFB lasers, and VCSELs. They can also be used to calibrate passive WDM component test equipment such as optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs). Bristol Instruments also offers multi-wavelength meters for testing WDM signals. Wavelength, power, and OSNR of as many as 1000 optical channels can be measured simultaneously to fully characterize a WDM transmission system.

Optical Wavelength Meters

  • 828 Series - 1 kHz measurement rate, single-wavelength, CW and modulated signals
  • 228 Series - Single-wavelength, CW signals

Multi-Wavelength Meters

  • 438 Series - 10 Hz measurement rate, multi-wavelength, CW and modulated signals
  • 428 Series - Multi-wavelength, CW and modulated signals