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Thickness Gauge System Overview

The most accurate and repeatable non-contact thickness measurement available

Bristol Instruments offers a family of thickness gauge products for the most precise thickness measurement of transparent and semi-transparent materials as thin as 12 μm and as thick as 80 mm.

These thickness gauge products use Bristol's proven optical interferometer technology to measure thickness to an accuracy as high as ± 0.1 μm and a repeatability up to ± 0.02 μm. This performance is guaranteed by continuous calibration with a built-in standard of length to ensure confidence in your test results.


A complete measurement system includes the thickness gauge, optical probe, mechanical fixture and integrated Opti-Cal™ software.


Contains the components needed to generate and analyze an optical signal, calculate material thickness, and report measurement data.


Directs light from the Thickness Gauge to the material under test and collects and returns the reflected optical signal to the thickness gauge for analysis.

Fixtures and Accessories

Various Fixtures available to hold the material under test and align the optical probe.


The Windows-based Opti-Cal software is used to control measurement parameters and report thickness data in a variety of formats.

Ready to schedule a demonstration?

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