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Bristol Instruments Improves its Laser Spectral Analysis Capability in the IR and mid-IR

VICTOR, NEW YORK May 31, 2018 – Bristol Instruments, Inc., a leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation, announces the introduction of the new 771A-MIR Laser Spectrum Analyzer. The 771 product line includes a series of unique instruments that operate as both a high-accuracy wavelength meter and a high-resolution spectrum analyzer. The model 771A-MIR combines highest wavelength measurement accuracy and highest spectral resolution for IR and mid-IR laser applications.

The new 771A-MIR Laser Spectrum Analyzer measures the wavelength of lasers that operate between 1 and 5 μm to an accuracy of ± 0.2 parts per million. For wavelengths from 5 to 12 μm, the system’s accuracy is ± 1 part per million. This wavelength measurement accuracy, combined with spectral resolution as high as 2 GHz and optical rejection ratio greater than 30 dB, provides the most detailed information about a laser’s spectral properties in the IR and mid-IR.

“The 771 Series Laser Spectrum Analyzer provides the most advanced spectral characterization of virtually any laser,” said Dr. Brian Samoriski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Bristol Instruments is excited to provide such tools for scientists and engineers to help ensure the most meaningful results for their experiments.”

About Bristol Instruments

Since its founding in 2005, Bristol Instruments has solely focused on designing, manufacturing, and marketing precision instruments using its expertise in optical interferometry. Bristol’s flagship products accurately characterize the wavelength and spectral properties of lasers and are used by scientists and engineers at universities and government and industrial laboratories. They are also used for the development and production testing of laser transmitters used in optical fiber communications. In addition, Bristol Instruments provides interferometer-based products to reliably measure critical physical dimensions of materials such as specialty plastic films, medical tubing, and ophthalmic products.