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Today’s vehicles are literally computers on wheels and have multiple systems that require precise thickness control in the manufacturing process. From sophisticated high resolution display panels to the multi-element lenses in autonomous driving cameras, Bristol's non-contact optical thickness gauges offer high accuracy thickness measurement to ensure the highest possible performance of these devices.


Our thickness gauges offer:

  • Simultaneous, real-time measurement of up to 31 layers. Each layer can be as thin as 12 µm with a total component thickness of up to 80 mm
  • High accuracy measurement performance: ± 0.1 µm with a repeatability of ± 0.02 µm
  • Non-contact optical measurement technique will not damage or deform your material
  • Included Opti-Cal ™ software offers a QC Mode which provides easy to understand PASS/FAIL measurements useful for engineering, QC and production personnel.

Shown below are measurement results for a typical automotive touch screen using Bristol's Opti-Cal ™ software. The first few layers are identified in the table with green boxes highlighting that they are within customer inputted design criteria. Additionally, there is one adhesive layer, highlighted in red, that is slightly out of specification.


Are you looking for fast, accurate measurement of your automotive displays and system components?

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