Bristol Instruments Expands Production and R&D Capabilities with Move to Larger Facility

VICTOR, NEW YORK October 23, 2017 – Bristol Instruments, Inc. announces it has relocated to a larger 20,000 square foot facility in order to expand its production and R&D laboratory space. The company’s new headquarters, located at 770 Canning Parkway in Victor, NY, will better accommodate its growing business in the scientific research, fiber communications and optical metrology markets.

Bristol Instruments has become known as a world leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation. Its precision instruments use proven Michelson interferometer and Fizeau etalon technologies to provide the most reliably accurate laser wavelength measurement, spectral characterization, as well as non-contact thickness measurement for scientists and engineers involved in today’s most demanding applications.

“It’s a very exciting time for us,” said Peter Battisti, President and CFO of Bristol Instruments. “With the move to a larger facility, we are well positioned for continued company growth. We look forward to expanding our product development capabilities, particularly in the area of optical metrology, and bringing new and innovative products to market.”

About Bristol Instruments
Bristol Instruments designs, manufactures, and markets precision instruments based on its expertise in optical interferometry. Bristol’s flagship products accurately characterize the wavelength and spectral properties of lasers used by scientists and engineers at universities, government and industrial laboratories. They are also used for the development and production testing of laser transmitters used in optical fiber communications. In addition, Bristol Instruments provides interferometer-based products to reliably measure critical physical dimensions of materials such as specialty plastic films, medical tubing, and ophthalmic products.

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