Mr. Peter Battisti

President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Peter Battisti

Peter Battisti is the company's President and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Battisti has a proven record of success in leadership, long-term business planning, and operations-centered financial management. For almost 20 years, Mr. Battisti was the Chief Financial Officer at Burleigh Instruments, and then at EXFO Burleigh Products Group, where he was responsible for facilities operation and expansion, human resources, IT operations, and all facets of internal financial reporting.

Mr. Battisti is a certified public accountant with a B.B.A. in accounting from St. John Fisher College.

Dr. Brian Samoriski

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Dr. Brian Samoriski

Dr. Brian Samoriski leads the sales and marketing effort for the company. Dr. Samoriski has been involved in the photonics industry for over 26 years, and is a proven leader with a successful record of commercial growth through product innovation and customer satisfaction. Before Bristol Instruments, he held several positions at EXFO Burleigh Products Group and Burleigh Instruments, including General Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Most of Dr. Samoriski's experience was with Burleigh's Optical Instrument Division, which included products such as optical wavelength meters and Fabry-Perot interferometers.

Dr. Samoriski began his career as a Scientific Sales Engineer with Coherent, Inc. He holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from Syracuse University where he studied the properties of organometallic molecules using laser spectroscopy. He also holds a B.A. in chemistry from The College of the Holy Cross. 

Dr. Michael Houk

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Michael Houk

Dr. Michael Houk is responsible for the company’s technology and product development. Prior to Bristol Instruments, Dr. Houk was the product development manager and senior optical engineer for the EXFO Burleigh Products Group. During his 12-year tenure at Burleigh Instruments, he either managed, or participated in, the development of over 20 interferometer-based products. Before joining Burleigh, Dr. Houk led the effort to start a corporate optics laboratory for optical scanning and telecommunications research at Reliance Electric Company.

Dr. Houk holds a Ph.D. in optical engineering from the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester. He studied the design, fabrication, and testing of index gradients in fluoride materials under the direction of Professor Duncan Moore. Dr. Houk also holds a B.A. in physics from Kalamazoo College.

Dr. Houk is currently a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Photonics Spectra magazine.

Mr. John Theodorsen

Vice President, Operations

John Theodorsen is the company’s Vice President of Operations. Mr. Theodorsen is an experienced engineer with a broad base of knowledge in product development, manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, customer service, and sales. His particular area of expertise is in the design of products for manufacturability and serviceability. Before Bristol Instruments, Mr. Theodorsen honed his engineering skills at EXFO Burleigh Products Group, Burleigh Instruments, and LaserMax, Inc. where he held positions in the product development and manufacturing departments.

Mr. Theodorsen holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from Cornell University.