Spectrum Analyzers

The spectrum analyzers from Bristol Instruments provide high resolution spectral analysis and high-accuracy wavelength measurement in one instrument. These systems are for scientists and engineers who need to know the wavelength, bandwidth, and longitudinal mode structure of their lasers with the reliable accuracy that is required for the most demanding applications.

771 Series

CW and high-repetition rate pulsed lasers, 375 nm – 12 μm

The 771 Series Laser Spectrum Analyzer from Bristol Instruments combines proven Michelson interferometer technology with fast Fourier transform analysis resulting in a unique instrument that operates as both a high-resolution spectrum analyzer and a high-accuracy wavelength meter. With spectral resolution up to 2 GHz, wavelength accuracy as high as ± 0.2 parts per million, and an optical rejection ratio of more than 40 dB, the model 771 provides the most detailed information about a laser’s spectral properties.